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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March MadneszZ28!

1979 Camaro Z28 "STREETFREAK"
1979 Z28

1980 Camaro - George Paul's Softtrim Concepts Upholstery

1977 RS Type LT

1977 Camaro Z28 Big Bumper

1979 Camaro Berlinetta

These are a few 2nd Gen Camaros I've had the pleasure of working on in the past few months.  Special orders can be made on all Camaro renderings with a 28% discount on the rendering fee.  Email me Directly at Amesflames21@yahoo.com

If you place an order with me from now (March 5th) until March 31st I'll give you a 28% discount from your total on rendering time! **This will only apply to 2nd Gen Camaro renderings.**

Just for a point of reference, the average side view rendering like most of the ones posted here are done for $100-175 render time, plus the cost of printing and shipping the order. The 3/4 view pieces of art are done for an average of $250-300 render time plus printing and shipping.

Email me directly at AmesFlames21@yahoo.com with a few pics of your Camaro, I'll give you a quote and get your personalized piece of artwork done for you as soon as possible!

If your Car is in the building stages, a description of you Camaro along with the wheel brand and model, trim options, customizations etc. will suffice.

Discount does not include the cost of prints, shipping, shirts ect.
Print sizes
4x6 - $3
5x7 - $7
8x10 - $10
11x14 - $15
12x16 - $20
16x20 - $25
20x24 - $30
20x30 - $35

T-shirts are $25 Each. Ask about other merchandise options when you make your order.

Thanks again for all of your support, and lets kick off the car show season right!

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